Coco Calls Herself Ice-T’s ‘Slave,’ Says All Wives Should be Submissive

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NEW YORK, NY- So you've heard the saying, 'Happy wife, happy life,' right? But what's the real secret to blissful matrimony?

Well, rapper Ice-T and wife Coco Austin dropped a truth bomb on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Coco tells Andy she is a submissive wife.

“I think all women should do it. I'm a slave to him," said Coco.

Yeah, Coco says she's kept the love alive by serving the rapper, whatever that means!

It’s been 15 years, it’s worked out,” she said. “I hit the jackpot with this one right here," said Ice-T.

The couple announced on their daytime show Ice & Coco that they’re expecting a baby girl and told Bravo they plan on being strict parents.

But Coco isn't the only one letting her man have the final word at home.

Actress and conservative Candace Bure also follows a similar lifestyle. She even wrote a book on how she lets her husband make the rules for her family.

Even TLC put submissive wives on the map with their new show Wives, Submit to Your Husbands.

So is being submissive the secret to living happily ever after, or are we setting women back?