Perry Campaign Low on Dough, Can’t Pay Staff

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AUSTIN – Rick Perry’s second presidential campaign may be running out of momentum and out of cash. Reports tearing through the political landscape like a Texas tornado say Perry’s campaign can’t pay staffers at the national headquarters in Austin, in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

Filings with the Federal Election Commission show Perry raised about $1.17 million by the end of June and had nearly $884,000 in the bank. But the Opportunity and Freedom group of Super PACs supporting the campaign apparently is sitting on a ton of money, raising nearly $17 million by the end of June.

That may be why Republican political consultant Rick Wilson tweeted that a Perry source told him the campaign is not low on dough. It’s a just a cash thing in South Carolina.

You know what they say: money talks and that other stuff walks, and in a presidential campaign, if the money ain’t talkin’, the candidate will soon be walkin’.