AT&T Uses Virtual Reality to Reveal Distracted Driving Dangers

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DALLAS  -- Alright y'all, we all know texting and driving is dangerous. But how often do you still see folks doing it on the road anyway?  Well, according to a study by AT&T, a whopping seven out of 10 drivers admit to engaging in smartphone activity while behind the wheel.

And it's not just texting. AT&T says social media, selfies, and even video chatting are all on the list. Since laws, videos, and bumper stickers haven't seemed to help, the company is bringing out the big guns for their "It Can Wait" campaign:  Virtual reality.

They gave folks a chance to sit in a driving simulator, put on goggles and headphones, and live out a series of situations in which in-car distractions put the driver -- and others -- at risk.

The demonstration took place in the lobby of AT&T's downtown headquarters.  For those who didn't happen to be there, there's a smartphone app which, when coupled with Google Cardboard, will let folks at home experience the demo as well.

Hey, we've all seen drivers looking at their phones more than the road. If a dose of virtual reality can keep folks from being "that guy," then rock on, AT&T.