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Arrested Development: Which NFL Team Scored the Most Arrests?

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DALLAS, TX -- The NFL stands for the National Football League. But for some players, it stands for "Not For Long," at least when it comes to their freedom. It seems like the NFL and its players are always stuck in the courtroom for something.

But which team is responsible for the most legal headaches?

A former reporter for the San Jose Mercury news checked the stats and the Minnesota Vikings lead the league in arrests over the past five years with 18! But who can expect a bunch of savage Norsemen to behave?

The Denver Broncos land in second place with 16 arrests.

Now, how bout them boys? They may have a bad reputation but Dallas' bad boys are actually tied for 16th place with just seven arrests. What a bunch of saints.

Well, not exactly. New Orleans came in 27th with only four arrests.

And the most well behaved team for the past five years? That'd be this year's darlings of HBO -- the Houston Texans. They have just one arrest in the past five years.

They may live a hard-knock life this season, but they avoid hard time.

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