UT Austin Campus Committee: Move Confederate Statues or Explain Them

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AUSTIN -- The debate over the Confederate flag and other Confederate symbols really hit home at the University of Texas campus in Austin.

Back in June, several monuments were spray-painted with the words "Black Lives Matter." While there were calls to remove those statues from campus, others disagreed, saying they're an important part of history.

UT Austin President Greg Fenves formed a committee of students, faculty members and alumni to talk about the future of the monuments. Well, their work is done And their answer: move 'em, either some or all of 'em, to a separate exhibit on campus.
And if they're not moved, the committee wants a plaque on each one, to explain its historical significance.

It'll be up to the school's president to make the final decision.

Let's hope they find a solution that can help remember our history without making anyone feel like their lives don't matter.