Target Throws Out Gender Labels in Toy Aisles

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DALLAS -- Change is coming and this time, it's right on Target! The big-box retailer is giving its toy aisles a gender-neutral makeover. The revamp comes after a viral snapshot sparked social media backlash.

Apparently, some customers felt Target was politically incorrect for separating toys for girls and boys.

An online petition argued labels like this could promote bullying and sexism. Hey, there's nothing wrong with girls playing with Hot Wheels or boys buying Barbies, right?

Well, after hearing guest feedback loud and clear, Target is hitting the issue right on the bull's eye. The company claims that until now, they've given shoppers signage by brand, age, or gender to help them find stuff faster. But after the backlash, they've decided signage in some departments isn't necessary anymore.

Target is also removing the pink, blue, yellow and green paper on back walls of their toy shelves.

And it's not just the toy section, the store is revamping its home and entertainment departments too.

So, if you want a Spiderman bedspread, go for it girls!

No word if any other stores are following Target’s lead. But, this could transform how the next generation buys clothes too.

Jaden Smith doesn't see a problem rocking skirts from Top Shop and girls are already wearing "boyfriend" jeans.

Hey, there's no telling what's in store for the future!