Sugar Isn’t Bad? Coca-Cola Funds Controversial Sugar Study

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ATLANTA -- Looks like one soda giant is attempting to make unhealthy claims about its company go flat. Coca-Cola has apparently heard enough from the “sugar is bad” naysayers and is fighting back with its own team of scientists.

That's right, Coke has given financial support to a new non-profit organization called the Global Energy Balance Network. The group promotes the idea that sugary drinks aren't to blame for the nation's obesity. It claims the problem centers around a lack of exercise.


That argument contradicts experts who claim sugary drinks do play a major role in obesity and type 2 diabetes. In fact, sugar was the primary culprit in the 2014 documentary Fed Up.

The film argues there's so much sugar in a single serving of products, like Coke, that nobody has a chance at burning it off through normal exercise.

Coke might have been motivated to launch its own campaign because Americans' consumption of full calorie soda has now dipped by 25% in the last two decades. It's enough to make you think twice when someone offers to “share their happiness."