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Tax Free Spree: Shoppers Bag Bargains on Sales Holiday

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DALLAS, TX -- It’s that time of year again. You know – tax free weekend.

Ah, yes -- a time when families flood the stores, cram carts full of items and save some cash before the kids head back to class. For kids, it means summer vacay is quickly coming to a close.

That’s close, not clothes which, by the way, is why many hit the stores this weekend. Also on the back to school list: supplies – lots of supplies.

“We have school stuff starting next week, so I was just trying to get it done before we get back into the swing of things,” shopper Lindsey Mendenhall said.

The manager of a Dallas Walmart says when it comes to crowds, tax free weekend racks em up.

“Tax free weekend is the second biggest weekend, next to Black Friday, that we have," manager Paul Strunc explained. "It’s a huge weekend for us, and it’s all congested into one area. So, really big.”

We know we’re talking to some experienced shoppers, but it’s been a year. So, in case you forgot, here’s some Cliffs Notes on tax free weekend.

The holiday saves you tax on most clothes, shoes, school supplies and backpacks priced under $100. The state did the math and says shoppers save about eight-bucks on every Benny they spend.

Not bad.

So, for all you brave souls willing to fight the masses in search of a sale, we say…happy hunting.

For a complete list of what's exempt, click here.

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