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Texas Breaks Record for Energy Usage

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DALLAS -- Hey Texas, you’re hot! Well, more like scorching.

“The heat is so bad, even just walking from your car,” said Holly Golvach.

Yep, with the temps hitting the triple digits folks are turning down the AC and cranking up the energy. In fact, ERCOT said Wednesday, Texas hit an all time record for hourly electricity demand -- a whopping  68,305 megawatts between 4 and 5 p.m.

Looks like the Lone Star State isn’t that great at conserving.

“I’ve noticed a hike in energy. I think if you just keep it at one level, that's what the energy company is telling us,” Lisa Williams said.

The folks over at Oncor have few tips to  cool down your energy use.

“Set that thermostat to 78 degrees. If you're going to leave the house, bump it up to maybe 80," Connie Piloto with Oncor suggested.

Oncor also says it's the little things that count too in conserving, especially when it comes to unplugging your smart phones.

“Even though they’re not on, they are still drawing some energy. So, these are all simple tips that folks can do to stay cool while also helping conserve energy," Piloto said.

Yep, we all should start thinking green. But as we know, it's not easy being green.

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