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Tennessee Theater Gunman Diagnosed With Schizophrenia

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ANTIOCH, TN – Once again, madness leaps from the movie screen, as a showing of Mad Max: Fury Road turns into the real life Mad Montano: Attack at the Hickory Hollow.

Nashville police say the mother of 29-year-old Vincente David Montano described him as diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia when she filed a missing person report in 2006. They also say he had been in a mental health facility at least three times.

Police say Montano wore a surgical mask while using pepper spray and a hatchet on three movie-goers at the hickory hollow theater in Antioch, then firing an air gun at responding police officers.

“An airsoft gun makes noise,” said Nashville police spokesperson Don Aaron.  “When that initial officer, who confronted him, reported that the gun was aimed at him, the trigger was pulled, that officer heard noises.  That’s when that officer fired his weapon at the suspect.”

One victim, who identified himself only as Steven, thanked police, but also asked for prayers for Montano’s family.

“I would ask anyone to pray for his family because he probably has some mental problems or something else. My family doesn’t want any kind of fifteen minutes of fame. We were not looking for any of this. We did nothing to bring this upon ourselves.”

Police say Montano also carried a backpack and a satchel rigged to look like they contained bombs.

Police shot and killed Montano when he charged them with his hatchet, so we may never know why he chose a lovely day to die.

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