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Jon Voyage: Stewart Says Farewell to ‘The Daily Show’

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NEW YORK CITY -- America is bidding a late night staple a “Jon Voyage” Thursday night. After 16 years of hosting "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart is calling it quits. Unfortunately, it's the same night Donald Trump's act goes nationwide.

And although Stewart's show has been on Comedy Central and is considered satire, it became much more.

Look no further than Stewart's recent admission that he was summoned not once but twice to meet with President Obama at the White House.

Stewart made The Daily Show bigger than mere quips about politicians. He made the “fake news” more popular and sometimes more trusted than mainstream news.

And even though Fox News is sure to be popping champagne for different reasons, one of Stewart’s frenemies, Arby’s, found it in their heart to send Jon an official farewell via YouTube.

A Facebook page has already been dedicated to what fans think Stewart should do as a next career -- run for President.

So, with Stewart it's goodbye but a very likely see you later. You can watch Jon sail off into an indefinite “Moment of Zen” Thursday night.

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