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Sam and Nia: Terrell Husband Gives Wife News of Pregnancy

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TERRELL, TX - We've already seen women flip the script on men this year. Like actress Zoe Saldana getting her husband to take her last name. And now it looks like fellas are switching things up as well. That’s what happened with Sam and Nia Rader, a couple from Terrell, Texas.

Sam suspected his wife Nia was pregnant when she texted him that she was two weeks late. That's when Sam saw an opportunity to take advantage of one of his wife's habits.

“All night long, usually, Nia goes to pee throughout the night. She has a bladder the size of a golf ball and she doesn't flush the toilet at night because she's afraid she'll wake up the baby."

So, Sam stole a sample to conduct his own pregnancy test while Nia was sleeping and found out the good news before his wife!

When Sam first revealed the results, Nia couldn't believe it and thought it was a joke. But then she finally realized that Sam wasn’t joking and that she was indeed pregnant.

If you want to follow the couple's third pregnancy, just hop on YouTube and subscribe to their channel simply named “Sam and Nia."

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