Forum Lets Low-Ranking Republicans Speak Out

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CLEVELAND--It's kinda like playing in the band that opens for the *real* band.

Yeah, you're playing, but ain't nobody listening.

That's what it had to feel like for "Rick and the Rejects."

They were in the " forum," the so-called "happy hour" debate, hours before the poll-leading Republicans hit the stage.

"The political class has failed you," Carly Fiorina said. "That's just a fact and that's what Donald Trump taps into."

"President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton... (are) working hard to change the American Dream into the European nightmare," Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said.

"Tell the Ayatollah that whoever the next President of the United States is gonna be and I'll promise you that if it's me the first thing I'll do is tear up that agreement with Iran," former Texas Governor Rick Perry said.

"I will be the Ronald Reagan, if I can find a Tip O'Neill," said Lindsey Graham, referring to how the 1980s political titans managed to work across party lines..

"I look at how politicians are always posturing and issuing sound bites but never solving problems," former New York Governor George Pataki said.

So these guys were just trying not to have an "oops" moment and were hoping to be discovered.

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