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Cutting The Cord: FCC Could Set New Rules For Phone Companies

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DALLAS-Do you still use a landline? In an age where everyone has their cell phone at their hip, who hasn't cut the cord?

An estimated 80 million people still have a traditional copper based landline.

So as many of us opt out of the landline and switch to cable, the FCC says we're putting ourselves at risk in case of an emergency.

Think about it: If the lights go out, so will your phone service. Especially if you have one of those super sweet Internet-phone bundle deals.

Yeah, that means no 911 emergency service.

Now the FCC is changing the rules for phone and cable companies, so customers know just what they're getting into before they switch.

Phone and cable companies would have to warn residential customers looking to ditch the copper, that cable-based phones will go out when the power does.

So what happens when the last landline users switch?

Who will we call when the zombies do attack?


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