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Code Red: Women Provide Comfort, Pampering for Dallas Prostitutes

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DALLAS -- You might not think that prostitution is a problem in Dallas, but it is. That's why nine Victory Outreach Churches across Texas are coming together for Operation Code Red.

Friday, these women will get together with area prostitutes or as they call them, "Twilight Treasures," to provide free hair and nail care, entertainment, and pampering.

It’s an upside to a stark reality that some prostitutes’ stories end in jail... or worse.

Now two women we met are helping others out the lifestyle they once lived.

“It’s never a plan for a woman to end up on the streets. That was a turning point for me in 2003,” Jacy Spillman explained. “I had been to rehab, I had been to prison, I had been on the streets, but nothing seemed to help. But at that moment, I was sick and tired. I had an opportunity to go into the Victory Outreach Women’s home and I just surrendered. You know, enough was enough.”

“I began to run away at a very young age because of molestation. I began to find my way of escape through alcohol. I was addicted to crack at age 17,” Francis Davila said.

Both Jacy and Francis lost custody of their children during their journey at one time.

“The moment that God changed my life, someone came to me with a flyer. One day I was drinking and he told me there was a place called Victory Outreach. I used to live the lifestyle, and now I’m running the women’s home,” Davila smiled.

“God has done so much for us. How dare we not go back and share the gospel,” Spillman added.

“I do share in their pain,” Davila told NewsFix. “And I’m ready to help lead them to happiness through God and the Word of Jesus Christ.”

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