Uber Dangerous: Prosecutors Try to Keep Rape Suspect in Jail

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DALLAS--It's frightening enough to get in an Uber car with a stranger especially when you hear one driver's accused of sexually assaulting a passenger.

"I don't know about using it anymore," frequent Uber customer Sheridan Aguilar said. "It's kind of scary."

Now prosecutors working the case against Talal Chammout say there's a lot more bad stuff in his past.

According to court documents, Chammout was convicted of being a felon in possession of firearms and sentenced to six and a half years in prison back in 2007. The feds said he bought five Beretta pistols and tried to buy stolen rocket launchers, specs for an anti-tank weapon and stinger ground-to-air missiles.

Dallas County's asking a judge to be sure Chammout stays in jail.

While prosecutors try to get Chammout's bond increased, his lawyer wants it lowered, saying $25,000 would be more like it.

People who live near Chammout's home in Plano apparently had no idea about their neighbor's past.

"I won't say I feel scared or unsafe, but it is alarming and unsettling," said Michael, a neighbor who asked us not to use his last name.

"It just makes you wonder how close to home the problems of the world are," said John Thiebaud, another neighbor.

So, he's accused of rape and convicted of weapons violations. It's enough to make you skip the cab and walk!