Serial Butt Injector? St. Louis Death May Be Linked to Dallas Suspects

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Denise “Wee-Wee” Ross (L), Jimmy “Alicia” Clark (R)

ST. LOUIS, MO — So, we’ve all heard of a serial killer or a serial rapist, right? But, what about a serial butt injector?

daysha phillips

Daysha Phillips (Instagram)

Well, Denise “Wee-Wee” Ross and Jimmy “Alicia” Clark of Dallas might’ve landed themselves in another silicone scandal. And this time, it’s possibly linked all the way to St. Louis.

Cops in Missouri confirm they’ve reached out to Dallas detectives for a possible connection in the death of Daysha Phillips. The 22-year-old reportedly died last week after receiving a deadly dose of butt injections.

“Wee-Wee” and Clark are already caught up in a botched butt job that happened in Deep Ellum back in February. They’re accused of giving 34-year-old Wykiesha Reid injections that killed her.

The Dallas duo is now out on bail.

Listen ladies, ┬ástick to the squats because ┬áthese butt injections are literally — to die for.