#PenisGate: It’s National Underwear Day, Lenny Kravitz Goes Commando

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DALLAS — Boxers, briefs, panties… it’s National Underwear Day. Yeah, there’s a day for every darn thing. But some folks prefer to go commando and let it all hang — like rocker Lenny Kravitz.

Yep, hello #PenisGate. Lenny was rocking the stage in Sweden when his leather pants ripped and his mini Kravitz started singing a cappella for the world to see.

Thanks to Twitter, this NSFW pic is making the rounds, giving Lenny’s little buddy his 15 minutes of fame.

But Lenny is unfazed, or #unbothered as the kids say these days. He tweeted a screenshot of a text message from Aerosmith rocker Steve Tyler.

“Dude… No underwear and pierce… F*** me.. You never showed me that s***,” Tyler wrote. HA!

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