Dubya Does Jury Duty: President Bush Summoned to Dallas Court

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DALLAS – If you had to spend your day any kind of way, chances are being in the courtroom for jury duty isn’t ideal. But at some point, everybody has to do it, right? Oh, and we do mean everybody.

Case in point, former President of the United States – George W. Bush. The nation’s 43rd leader visited the Dallas County Courthouse to pay his civil dues.

Sheesh, as if running the country wasn’t enough!

Desiree Bryant tweeted out this pic of her and the former Prez  with the caption: “Look who I just met doing jury duty! #POTUS”

As shocking as it probably was for folks to see Bush summoned in the courtroom, what’s even more shocking is the number of people who don’t report to jury duty.

In South Florida, 2 out of 3 people dodge their summons. Compare that to the 48,000 people Florida fined 10 years ago for $2,000 a pop.

And according to a study from Citizen Against Lawsuit Abuse back in 2014, Houston only has 26.5 of jury participation, making them the lowest of 13 counties recorded.

Tisk, Tisk!

Well, way to make us look good here in North Texas president G-Dub.

As for you dodgers out there, keep playing and you’ll eventually get hit with a hefty fine.