Fast Food Worker Wipes Burger Bun on Floor in Disgusting Video

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BALTIMORE -- This will make you think twice about eating out -- EVER AGAIN! Social media wants a Checkers fast food worker prosecuted after video surfaced of her wiping a burger bun on the ground before apparently serving it to a customer.

Yeah, you read that correctly.

"Sell this n***a this s**t, yo! Oh my God, yo," the guy behind the camera says as workers in the background laugh.

She then picks up the bun and starts making a burger.

It sure the heck looks like she served it to a customer. But in a YouTube video posted Wednesday, a Checkers top dog says that's not the case at all.

"She confirmed that she and her co-workers were playing around in the kitchen and the product was never served to a guest," said Lori Malcolm, Sr. VP of Human Resources for Checkers. “I, like you, am appalled and disappointed by what I saw in that video."

Checkers says while the video was uploaded Tuesday, it actually happened last month at a franchise near Baltimore.

And as you guessed it, that worker has been fired, but social media is demanding more action.

Brandon Anderson wrote, “Not only should she be fired but also prosecuted to the [fullest] extent!”

Dewayne Mcknight commented, “And these sorry m—–f—–s in the background laughing. This could be someone Moma, grandmother, father, or child buying this burger. People do die from bacteria poison.”