Violent Sexual Predator Escapes from Fort Worth Halfway House

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FORT WORTH -- A manhunt is underway for a two-time sex offender who took off from a Fort Worth halfway house.

Brent Jozefkowicz apparently cut off his ankle monitor and hit the road. He's now on Texas' 10 Most Wanted Sex Offenders List and DPS is offering a $2,000 reward to get him back into custody.

Jozefkowicz's first victim was a 14-year-old girl. After his release, he was convicted of another sexual assault and sentenced to 16 years in prison.

DPS is warning Jozefkowicz is a sexually violent offender and is is considered at high risk to offend again.

Yeah, this is one guy we definitely want off the streets.

The Fort Worth transitional center Jozefkowicz escaped from houses 200 offenders. The idea is to reintegrate them into society, but it looks like Jozefkowicz had other ideas.

And he's not the first to parole himself. Another violent sex offender, Charles Sprague, walked out of the halfway house back in April. He was found two days later at a casino in Oklahoma and is back in custody.