AT&T, DirecTV Merger Creates Historic Bundle

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DALLAS -- We live in an age where streaming is becoming the new normal. Maybe that's why companies that provide traditional services are starting to pull out the big guns. Less than two weeks after AT&T and DirecTV's mega-merger, they're not wasting time getting down to business.

We're talking about the first-ever nationwide package for TV and wireless services.

New customers would start with a basic phone plan with 10GB of shared data across four lines plus TV service for $200 a month. You can also add broadband service to any package you choose. That means you can get one bill for all three services.

It looks like the days of paying for that landline you never use might be heading towards dinosaur status. The crown jewel of AT&T's newly acquired content is NFL Sunday Ticket.

AT&T is also tackling the issue of existing contracts head on. If you already have DirecTV and are signed up with a different wireless carrier, AT&T is offering $300 to switch.

Get ready, looks like media bundles are getting a makeover.