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Right to Bear Arms & Bacon: Ted Cruz Demonstrates Cooking With an M16

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HOUSTON -- Why, you ask, does an American citizen need an M16? Apparently, to cook breakfast. Welcome to "Making Machine-Gun Bacon with Ted Cruz," a new video from the Independent Journal Review.

In the video, Presidential candidate Ted Cruz (R-Texas) wraps bacon around the barrel of an M16, then covers it with foil -- you don't wanna make a mess, after all.

He fires several rounds, then notices grease dripping from the gun. Guess that foil didn't work so well.

But soon enough, Cruz picks the bacon off with a fork and takes a bite.

"Mmm. Machine gun bacon," Cruz says, laughing.

Hey, Cruz has a reputation for fighting pork in the federal budget.

"Do you like green eggs and ham?" he read during a 2013 filibuster.

Let's see if his next performance, in Thursday's debate, helps him move up the Republican roster.