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Let’s Talk: Dallas PD Holds Youth Forum

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DALLAS -- We've seen too many young people shot and killed by police. 18-year-old Michael Brown, 12-year-old Tamir Rice -- both cases created anger in the community with folks asking how things could go so terribly wrong.

Now Dallas PD is working to make sure that doesn't happen here at home with a new youth program called "Let's Talk."

Hundreds of young kids, sports stars, entertainers and even McGruff the Crime Dog were on hand for Tuesday's event.

"We've had frank conversations with young people about what they can do to make their neighborhood safe when they're interacting with the police, and what the police need to do to improve," Dallas PD Chief David Brown said.

He added, "We're not shying away from some of the negative instances that have happened, and because I'm a Dallasite, this is really important to me. And being a police chief, our profession needs to listen to young people and make sure we're responsive to their concerns,"

And these kids say they were definitely listening.

"I learned that you have a big responsibility, like respecting people and following the rules," one child who attended the event told NewsFix.

"I've learned to stay calm when you're talking to a police officer," another said. "And not to run away from them. That way, they won't suspect anything from you."