Dallas Officer Arrested, Charged With Animal Cruelty

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ITALY, TX -- Seems like folks are talking about animal cruelty a lot these days, but you don't have to be poaching lions or leaving dogs in hot cars to mistreat animals. And not even a badge will get you off the hook if you do.

Cops in Italy, Texas say they got a call about multiple dogs left in an unoccupied house without food and water. Monday night, they arrested the homeowner -- Dallas PD Sgt. Kandy Standige.

As she was being hauled off to jail, Dallas SPCA says it took six dogs and one goat from a feces-filled, urine soaked house.

A custody hearing will be held for the animals on August 11 in Waxahachie.

DPD says Sgt. Standige is on administrative leave pending an internal affairs investigation. This is one case where it looks like these guys could have used some protection... from the police.