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Dallas Heat Wave Overcrowding Local Homeless Shelters

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DALLAS -- If you think it's hot now, just wait, a heat wave is heading our way. Experts say folks should stay inside to keep cool, but what about folks who don’t have anywhere to go?

Folks with the Union Gospel Mission in Dallas say when the temps go way down, or way up, they see a spike in folks looking for an escape from the heat. Right now, the shelter's men and women's facilities are full every single night. That's nearly 700 people!

“Because it doesn’t appear on the front page all the time, people tend to forget the reality for us and so much more as we see the heat creeping up," explained William Thompson, Executive Director for Union Gospel Mission.

Also creeping up, the number of people with chronic illnesses who need to beat the heat.

“Some folks also deal with diseases like diabetes, and so they need to get something in their system to make sure their blood sugar is proper,” Thompson said

That something includes water, Gatorade and other energy boosters to get people through the day.

The Mission says they make daily trips to a big box store to buy as much water as they can, but are asking folks to donate anything they can.