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Cool Kid Curse: Study Says Cool Kids Become Lame Adults

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – It's pretty safe to say being cool is, well, cool. Especially when you're in school.

People look up to you, you go to all the hot parties. Cool kids are on top of the world; at least for the moment. Then, it’s likely things will take a turn for the worst.

According to a new study from the University of Virginia, there's something called the ‘cool kids curse.’ Basically, it says if you were popular, romantically involved at a young age, and considered physically attractive, the cool kid trifecta, it's likely you'll turn out to be a pretty messed up adult.

The study, which researched a group of teens from age 13 to the time they turned 23, found those once cool kids were likely to have drug and alcohol problems, criminal behavior, and they're less capable of managing social relationships.

This is apparently caused by adolescent pseudo-mature behavior. Basically, teens are trying to do things they think makes them look mature, before they really are.

Then, as time passes, to try and keep this persona going they take more extreme measures to uphold this “coolness,” i.e. more drinking, more drugs; ultimately leading to their demise.


Sounds like being yourself is the route to take, no matter what your age, and more importantly, no matter what people think. It's likely you'll come out on top.

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