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Alamo Drafthouse Showing Smash Bros. Tournament

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RICHARDSON, TX -- In a world where movies reign, what's happening at the Alamo Drafthouse is guaranteed to. Get. You smashed.

“Basically, your favorite characters from these nostalgic Nintendo games are pitted against each other, and tonight we`ll be pitting them on the big screen,” said  Bill DiGaetano with Alamo Drafthouse. Yeah the Drafthouse is teaming up with Epic Gaming Lounge and Cafe to let gamers do what they do best: Star in their own Smash Bros. tournament on a 40' screen.

“Everyone loves the big screen TV -- 68", you know, 42", whatever you have at home is nothing compared to a 40' cinema screen.” said Shane Cappelle, owner of Epic Gaming Lounge and Cafe.

It's like every kid`s dream come true. “Smash Bros. all the way to the 64, to Game Cube, to Wii to Wii U, it's a franchise that everyone knows and loves. Plus it's Nintendo; it's a house hold name” Cappelle said.

For those kids who dream even bigger, this event is just a demo of a tournament coming up, where you could win $10,000.

“We`re doing Ultra Street Fighter Mortal Combat, Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U; like we`re doing tonight and a Call of Duty team event,” Cappelle said.

Back to tonight's event, folks with epic gaming say it nearly sold out. But remember folks, if you don’t win, no need to rage.

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