West Nile Warning: First Human Case Reported in Tarrant County

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TARRANT COUNTY-It's enough to make you say ouch; mosquito bites.

But after the initial sting and that dreadful itch, could come some serious side effects.

Tarrant County Public Health has confirmed the first human case of West Nile Virus this year near Benbrook.

This comes a day after crews sprayed southwest Fort Worth after several mosquitoes tested positive.

Blood suckers carrying the virus can cause symptoms like headache, fever, muscle and joint aches and nausea.

Last year 16 cases of West Nile were reported in Tarrant County.

In Dallas crews are also out spraying after mosquitoes tested positive in North West part of town.

There's also one confirmed case in Dallas County so far.

Remember mosquitoes are out most during dusk and dawn, so use protection and keep that repellant handy and make sure to remove all standing water around your home.

Stop the pesky skeeters from landing on you by keeping yourself safe this summer.