Here’s the Skinny: Cat Loses Half of His Body Weight

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DALLAS-We've got the skinny on Skinny the fat cat. You might remember this fat feline from our report in 2013.
Skinny was a portly 40pounder who was lost and homeless, but with the help of his new owner, Veterinarian Brittney Barton, this fat cat started to slim down.
Skinny went from tipping the scales, to scaling down 21-pounds in just two years.
Yeah, you can say Skinny is half the cat he once was.
So how did Skinny earn his name?  Well, these days Skinny's gone from fat to fit by exercising and eating healthy.
It's earned him lots of attention! Hey, he's even got his own Instagram account.
Dr. Barton reports that this former fat cat is finally at a healthy weight.
Hey skinny, you one fine feline!