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ERCOT Urges Texans to Save Power Until 7 p.m.

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Sun behind power lines

Texans Urged to Conserve Energy

DALLAS — The power grid operator for most of Texas has issued an Energy Emergency Alert and is urging folks to conserve energy immediately until at least 7 p.m.

This may come as a surprise since temps have actually dropped from the triple-digits we saw earlier this week. But ERCOT says reserves are now below 2,500 MW.

Here’s how you can help conserve energy:

  • Turn off all unnecessary lights, appliances and electronic equipment.

  • When at home, close blinds and drapes that get direct sun, set air conditioning thermostats to 78 degrees or higher, and use fans to cool the air.

  • When away from home, set air conditioning thermostats to 85 degrees and turn all fans off before you leave. Block the sun by closing blinds or drapes on windows that will get direct sun.

  • Do not use your dishwasher, laundry equipment, hair dryers, coffee makers, or other home appliances during the peak hours of 3 to 7 p.m.

  • Avoid opening refrigerators or freezers more than necessary.

  • Use microwaves for cooking instead of an electric range or oven.

  • Set your pool pump to run in the early morning or late evening, not during peak demand hours.

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