TCU Punishes Student for Offensive Tweets

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FT. WORTH — You hear it all the time: watch what you post on social media! Well, Harry Vincent, a sophomore at TCU has learned an extreme lesson in how a simple tweet can cause a massive headache.

“About a week before finals week, I received an e-mail from the campus life Dean’s Office at TCU stating that I had allegedly violated the student code of conduct,” recounted Vincent.

The violation? Apparently, these controversial tweets.

tcu student tweets

TCU Student's Controversial Tweets

A Tumblr blogger got ahold of them and encouraged folks to complain to TCU because of what was said. And now the school has handed down harsh punishments.

“I can return to TCU strictly for academic purposes. I can go to class, go to the library and then I’ll have to go home, and home cannot be on campus,” Vincent explained. “No football games, not allowed to use the gym, the rec center. I’m not allowed to eat in the dining hall. She made it very clear that I was not to set foot into a residence hall.”

Vincent has decided to fight fire with F-I-R-E. He’s enlisted the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education for help in this case.

“This all seems very counterproductive to me, especially at a place that calls itself an institution of higher learning,” said Ari Cohn, the Senior Program Officer for Legal & Public Advocacy with FIRE. “Learning can’t happen if one-half of the debate is declared off-limits and verboten."

Cohen continued, “And FIRE takes no position on the content of Mr. Vincent’s speech or any of the speech we protect. The fact of the matter is we protect the right to speech and the right to engage in protected expression.”

So, is Vincent planning on changing up his tweeting habits?

“I’m still gonna speak my mind, say what I have to say, but I’m going to do it in a way that is more articulated and more thought out.”

Hey, maybe that’s the biggest lesson in all this. Double check those tweets because you never know who’s watching.