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Simon Says: A Dead Lion & Courage

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DALLAS -- The hunting of Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe has become a hunt for a Minnesota dentist.

Everyone, from the Governor to mourners leaving stuffed animals outside Dr. Walter Palmer’s house, speaks volumes about how upset people are over this.

Sure, this kind of hunting has had its share of criticism lately, but it’s nothing like what Dr. Palmer is going through right now.

Ya’ never know, the pressure may get so intense, Palmer may quit hunting for good. Because it’s hard to find targets when so many people are targeting you with criticism.

Violence against animals has a way of doing that, right?

But what about the “animals” who have made this a sad summer—from Charleston to Chattanooga to Lafayette- we’ve been dealing with mass shootings.

And doesn’t it feel like the “playbook” is repeated over and over again?

We cry.

We complain.

We grieve.

And yet, nothing ever gets done!

That won’t ever happen until politicians get something it seems all lions have -- COURAGE!

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