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Logging Off: Anti-Social Media Movement Gaining Followers

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DALLAS -- Detox is more than the album by Dr. Dre that never quite came to life. It's a way for people to cleanse their minds and bodies of all the toxins life throws at us. In the digital age, one of those toxins can be in the form of social media.

It turns out, sometimes people need a break from the world of selfies, food porn and all those status updates.

Now there's even a National Day of Unplugging on March 4, 2016, which encourages people to get rid of the digital clutter so they can concentrate on the good stuff life offers. Some people even give up social media for Lent.

The unplugging movement just might show you how much of a time drain social sites play in your daily life.

NewsFix asked around North Texas to find out the longest stretch people had gone without logging onto social media. The answers ranged from as short as five minutes to as long as a month!

Feel free to have fun on social media but don't forget, there's nothing wrong with being anti-social for at least a day.

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