Fight Video Posted on Social Media Lands Teen in Jail

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DUNCANVILLE -- A Duncanville teen is sitting behind bars after video of a vicious attacked turned up on social media.

It shows 18-year-old Cameron Hendrix punching two victims -- one of whom was begging for mercy -- at Armstrong Park. In a jailhouse interview, Hendrix shared his side of the story with NewsFix.

“My little brother was at the park. He came back to my house, crying saying some people tried to jump him," Hendrix explained. "I said 'since you’re not going to fight, apologize to my little brother.' And so that’s when I made him apologize. Then he said you’re a [expletive] and that’s when I gave my brother the phone to start recording.  I’ve had too many fights. I hadn’t had one like this.”

Cops say the incident was reported, but there was little suspect information until the video was posted online.

“A lot of police departments are utilizing social media to help investigate cases. We've cleared cases based on social media,” Duncanville Officer Doug Sisk said. “Now one of the best pieces of evidence for this case, when it goes to trial, is the suspect’s video."

Duncanville PD arrested Hendrix on charges of assault, and felony injury to a child because one of the victims is just 14 years old.

“The attitude of the Duncanville Police Department and the detectives with the police department is that if you post something on social media, and it’s against the law, and it happens in Duncanville, if we can track you down and identify you, we’re going to file charges," warned Officer Sisk.

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