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How the Heck Did This Happen?! Bizarre Crash at NY Service Station

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LONG ISLAND, NY — Could you imagine taking your car to the mechanic for repairs only to get a call that it’s been crashed?

Well, that’s exactly what happened Thursday morning at a shop in Long Island, New York.

According to PIX11, a worker ran out to raise the windows of a Nissan as it started to rain. Turns out, someone left the car in gear. So, when it started, the Nissan shot forward into the garage and slammed into a Ford on a lift. That’s when the Ford fell on the Nissan.

What a mess! How the heck do you explain this one to your insurance agent?

Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt.

No word on damage totals, but we can bet another shop will be taking care of the repairs.

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