Suspected Serial Killer Traveled Through North Texas

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BENBROOK, TX -- Turns out, a suspected serial killer was in DFW just a few weeks ago. The question is why?

45-year-old Neal Falls is now suspected of killing up to 10 women. Cops in a number of states, including Texas, are re-opening unsolved murder cases.

It all came to light over a week ago when an escort killed Falls in Charleston, West Virginia. She claims Falls started choking her, so she grabbed his gun and shot him.

When cops searched his vehicle, they found a list of women's names and phone numbers. In his trunk, they found a "Kill Kit" that included handcuffs, an ax, machete and bleach.

But according to Officer Michael Mullinax, three weeks before he ended up in West Virginia, Neal Falls was pulled over by Benbrook PD for speeding, "He was stopped in the 5200 block Benbrook Boulevard which is also Highway 377."

According to the cops, there was nothing to raise any red flags.

"It was a fairly routine traffic stop. Basically, our officer collected the driver's information just on a normal stop and he issued the citation and released the driver,” said Mullinax.

Benbrook PD had no way of knowing what was in his trunk and Mullinax says they're just happy he won't be coming back to Texas.

"I don't think this is the kind of person that would've stopped what he was doing without someone stopping him first."