Mary Kay Delivers Care Kits to Local Shelter

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DALLAS -- More than 27,000 pairs of high heels at the Mary Kay Seminar have been tickling Dallas pink for nearly three weeks now. But it’s about more than makeovers. They’re trying to makeover the lives of women’s dealing with tough times.

“It warms our hearts to deliver 100 care kits to the family place today,” said Anne Crews, Board of Directors Member and VP of Public Affairs with Mary Kay. “The kits will be used by the brave survivors of domestic violence.”

The Mary Kay crew put together 2,000 care packages full of toiletries to be distributed to 20 shelters around the country.  And Wednesday, The Family Place got some of the love.

“We cannot thank Mary Kay enough,” Melissa Sherrill, VP of Development for The Family Place, said. “We serve 16,000 men, women and children.  Often times, they come in with just what they can fit in their purses or in their cars. And so, this is a gentle reminder to let people know that we’re thinking about them, and it’s something that they need.”

They’re hoping to help individuals like Julie Espinosa.

“I had a CPS case because of a drug relapse,” Espinosa said.  “I always knew I needed help, but I didn’t know the help was out there for me. My past is somebody else’s future.”

And in each bag, there's also an extra special note of hope.

“When I came to Family Place, my self-esteem was as low as it could be. So, it’s hard to accept a compliment, like, you don’t deserve it or you just can’t have it,” Espinosa explained. “If you accept the healing and work the process, you can be on top of the world and you can attract the positiveness and blessings just abound.”

“We hope that this is a source of comfort for them as they move forward in their lives,” Crews said with a smile.