Gridiron Girls: Help the Dallas Elite Take Home a National Title

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DALLAS -- No doubt, in this town, Cowboys are King. But while "Them Boys" are going on the gridiron, so are "Them Girls."

“Women’s tackle football has been around Texas for a long time, but it's just starting to get to a more professional level,”  Odessa Jenkins said.

Yeah, with folks like doctor Jen Welter becoming the first female coach in the NFL, the spotlight is now on this female football team. This is the first season for the Dallas Elite. They're undefeated, and they’re heading to the big time.

“We’re going to LA to play for a national championship,” said Jenkins.

The girls are hoping to end the season strong, but now they have to come up with the cash. They've set up a GoFundMe account to raise $5,000 to get them to the game in Cali.

“We all work to the bone to try to make as much as we can so we can make it to the championship and fund our travel,” said middle linebacker Missy Peck.

These ladies say this is more than just a game, and women can do more than just run the ball.

“These women make you want to go hard. Like, I knew nothing about the sport of football but to play alongside women who are so energetic and passionate about it, it's contagious," explained wide receiver Erika Bobo.

“And that’s what we are about," Jenkins said."If a little girl discovers her dream by watching us play football, then we’ve done enough."