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Cat Lounge & Coffee Shop Prowling Into Dallas

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DALLAS -- So, what do you get when you mix a cup of coffee, cuddles, and a bunch of cats? The "purrfect" recipe for a cat café, of course!

Yeah,  the trend has caught on in NYC, DC, and now it's heading to the Big D!

Just call it "Muffin Meow Café and Cat Lounge." And according to their Facebook page, they'll soon call Dallas home sweet home. Cat cuddlers will get to sip and sit with their favorite fur friends, and they'll have a chance to adopt them as well.

The restaurant is also planning to partner with a local cat shelter for the cause.

So far, there's no set location or date listed.

But, if you're looking to get your cat cafe on right meow, The Cat Connection is hosting a pop up event right here in Dallas on August 8th.

Hey, we're "puuurty" sure those in need of a caffeine and feline fix are just smitten by the idea.

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