Music Mania: Texas Musicians Museum Opens in Irving

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IRVING, TX — Tune up your guitars and do one last mic check. A little slice of Texas Music History is landing in historic downtown Irving. The Texas Musicians Museum is ready to rock!

“We like to say we have over 100 different Texas musicians displayed in some way, manner or form, ” said the museum’s founder and director, Thomas Kreason. “[It] might be a record or award that we may have, but we feature a lot of different artists.”

A lot of different artists is right. Texas may be the king of country, but this museum also features pop, rock, folk, funk and even metal.

The museum officially opens on Saturday with a good old fashioned Texas party!

“We brought in 10 different acts, all different genres and it starts at 10 o’clock in the morning and ends the night with the headliner, Bobby Patterson, who is pretty much our Texas version of James Brown,” said Kreason.

But most importantly, this museum is here to preserve the legendary history of tunes in the Lone Star State.

“There’s no place on the face of the earth that music has evolved like it has here in Texas. You look at the multitude of artists, the multitude of diversity in music. There’s no place like it anywhere," said Kreason.

“We try to figure out exactly why this is all happening here and the only answer I can give back to people is that Texas is the center of the musical universe!”

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