Dog Days of Summer: Keeping Your Pets Cool

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DALLAS—It might be National Hot Dog Day Thursday, but we’re talking about a different kind of dog.

What do you know about heat safety for your pup?

Just this week, a Georgia K-9 Officer named Zane lost his life after being in a hot car too long.

It’s just not hot cars that kill.  A simple walk around the block could be dangerous if you don’t take precaution.

NewsFix caught up with the folks at Park Cities Pet Sitter and their rescue pup, Phyllis.  They have been taking care of animals for 23 years.

“We walk a lot of dogs,” Joette White, Park Cities Pet Sitter President said.  “For the animals, they don’t have shoes and so we really concentrate to stay off the hot pavement.  We have a lot of clients that work during the day, and if we have to get them out mid-day, we’re going to stay super sensitive to the heat.  We’re not going to do long, extended walks.  If they’re a short nose, flat-faced breed like a Pekingese or a pug they have a lot more trouble panting.”

When it comes to keeping dogs cool, your #ootd really does matter.

“Dark colors are going to draw all that sun—all that heat,” White explained.  “If they have a really heavy coat, a lot of people think, 'Well, I’m just going to give him a buzz cut,' but if you shave him all the way down to the skin, then they’re at risk for sunburn and other things.”

The pros say if your Fido lives outside, make sure you have some shade and something to keep ‘em cool, and be mindful of metal bowls, as they can heat up fast.

“Those that are outside that have to stay outside, they have to have that relief.”

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