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Chew on This: Greenville Avenue Pizza Company

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DALLAS -- If you’re in the mood for a slice of pizza -- whether it’s lunchtime or three in the morning – Greenville Avenue Pizza Company in Dallas is your one-stop shop.

It all started years ago when Sammy Mandell, who owned a slew of ATMs on the Greenville strip, got hungry.

"Being down here so much, I noticed there was no late night pizza being served,” Mandell said.

So, Mandell and his wife delivered. Now they own a late-night pizza joint. Greenville Avenue Pizza Company offers everything, starting with the classics like pepperoni and cheese.

"Our toppings are classified by this, that, and the other,” Mandell said. "This is kinda like your cheaper toppings. That's your more expensive or premium, and the other is a seasonal rotation."

The more elaborate pies include the supreme with pepperoni, smoked ham, mushrooms and olives.

And the BBQ chicken with smoked gouda, red onions and cilantro.

Chew on This: Greenville Avenue Pizza Company offers “Pizza crack,” a specialty season that takes an ordinary slice to a whole new level.

Now if pizza isn't your thing, Greenville Avenue Pizza Company has some other hot items on their menu, like wings! And everything here is made fresh, right down to the sauce.

"Over the years, I've been getting comments like, 'Man, this is the only pizza we can eat, it's like heartburn free,'” Mandell said. “And I swear everybody says ‘It's gotta be your sauce.’ And so we also like to call our sauce heartburn-free sauce. We don't lower quality for anything. We're always trying to serve the best.."

And by the looks of things, that's just what folks are getting a slice of.

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