Denton Confederate Soldiers Monument Vandalized

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DENTON -- "This is Racist." That's what someone spray painted on the Confederate Soldiers Monument at the Denton County Courthouse early Monday. And now cops hope surveillance video will help them catch the vandal.

"It's sad to think that people will do this," said Gretel Larue of the Denton County Office of History and Culture. "This is an artifact. It's meant to honor the people who died from Denton County. That's it."

"It said 'This is Racist.' I'm pretty sure it's pretty accurate," said Brother Shawt. "It's representing soldiers who fought to keep people enslaved. And I don't see why it should remain here."

By late morning, a team was on site to clean the monument.

The words may be gone, but the divide between cultures will remain for a long time to come.

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