NFL Refs Invade Cowboy Country

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IRVING, TX -- "I`ve had games where I don`t think I made anybody happy," Walt Coleman, NFL Referee, said laughing.

Some of the most despised folks in the sports world have descended upon Cowboy country.

"It`s incomplete all the way," Steve Freeman said on the Dez Bryant call.

"It was correctly ruled," Ed Holchuli said on the call.

Oh refs make it so hard to like them.

"We got the play right," Coleman said.

"Not a catch," Dean Blandino, Vice President of NFL Officiating, said.

On Friday, Irving hosted the NFL`s Annual Officiating Clinic. The refs packed into a room going over the new rules for the 2015 season. And sorry Cowboys fans.  No new rule on Dez's catch or no catch.

"Went through that process with the committee," Blandino explained.

"Didn`t change the rule. Tried to clarify it. We really feel that the way the rule is written now and the way it`s being applied allows us to be as consistent as possible."

Okay we'll watch for that consistency this season, boys.
Well, the one rule change getting all the attention is the extra point.

"The theory behind the change is that the play became a virtual certainty," Blandino said.

"We were 99.5-99.6% accurate and the committee and a lot of people around the league wanted to make that more challenging.

So now, if teams want that extra point they have to split the uprights from the 15 yard line.

What's more the defense can also get in on the action.

"The defense can now return a blocked kick or on a two-point try they can return an interception or a fumble," Blandino explains.

Points aren't the only noticeable difference. For the first time ever the NFL will have a full-time female ref. Her name is Sarah Thomas.

"I`m just glad Dean and the guys at the National Football League level saw that I was qualified to be hired," Thomas said.

"I think it`s a tremendous opportunity," Hochuli said.

"Sarah`s worked very hard for this. Had to overcome a lot of hurdles obviously along the way and I know we all are very proud of her."

Way to go, Sarah.  She's got our support until she has to make a tough call against our Boys, of course.

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