DFW Recruiting Offices Stepping Up Security

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IRVING — The tragedy in Chattanooga is being felt nationwide, and DFW is no exception. Neighbors to a military recruitment center in Irving were stunned by the news of the Tennessee shooting, saying they had never considered the fact that a recruitment center could be a target.

Garland is also the home to a military recruitment center and perhaps no one understands this week's attack quite like the Garland Police Department.

“We are on alert all the time, but naturally after these terrorist attacks and the one we experience on May 3rd, us as a department are on higher alert,” said Garland PD Officer Joe Harn. "We’re paying more attention around the country to what’s going on and we know that that can happen here again, just as it did that day.”

And this attack highlights the danger anyone who puts on a uniform is under, no matter where they are, and the respect those who swear to serve and protect have for each other.

“Servicemen, we can’t say enough of how much gratitude that we have for them and what they do for us in the world, keeping us safe around the world,” said Harn. “Something like this is so senseless.”