Chew on This: So-Cal Tacos

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GRAPEVINE – Cali eats in Texas? Believe it or not, there's a place in the Metroplex that'll satisfy your west coast cravings. It's So-Cal Tacos, in Grapevine.

Owner Scott Wooley is responsible for the food truck turned brick and mortar, which serves up an authentic taste of Southern California.

With seven different types of tacos from the "San Diego" -- which has panko-crusted fish with cilantro, aioli and cabbage slaw -- to the "Game-Changer" with honey-chipotle grilled salmon.

But Chew on This, these tacos come with a testimony.

"I was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor in my left shoulder, a brachial plexus nerves tumor in 2010,” Wooley said. “And all of the doctors I went to basically said nothing could be done."

There was plenty of pain. But in the blink of an eye, Wooley started feeling better after a prayer from his pastor. Then the unthinkable happened at his next doctors' visit.

"He said there's nothing there. My tumor was gone,” Wooley said.

And just like that, Wooley decided to quit his marketing job and follow his passion -- food!

That's one way to turn turmoil into tacos!

There’s no doubt So-Cal Tacos is so cool.

"We're very serious about not taking ourselves too seriously,” Wooley said. “It's just tacos."