Black Tap Water Flowing Through Faucets in Denton County

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DENTON COUNTY -- When you turn on the faucet in your house you expect clear, clean water to pour out. Unfortunately, one North Texas county can no longer have those expectations. That’s because black water is flowing out of faucets near Roanoke.

Monarch Utilities, which is part of Southwest Water Company, is blaming it all on a water line that broke Wednesday and insists the black water is safe to drink.

Chuck Profilet, the president of the company, released an official statement.

“We sincerely apologize for these inconveniences and assure our customers that these are normal occurrences when a water line is repaired.”

But not everybody is buying into black being the new water

“Every so often, the water gets shut off out here without notice and then when it gets turned by on, this is what comes out most of the time,” said Denton County resident Jeff Blakey.

In fact according to Blakey, poor water quality has been an ongoing issue.

"That's why we've contacted the TV networks because we can't get any help. Even our own government agency can't do anything," he explained. "I wanted to wash my hands and I had no water. And then turn it on and then black stuff comes of it. That's what's shocking. You never know."

For now, the Blakey's have to be cautious when using basic appliances like their dishwasher and washing machine. Their fridge is currently stocked full of bottled water.

"If I had an issue with my animal I'd probably get more response than the fact that it's people," Blakey said. "We’d probably get animal activists out here because I'm poisoning my dog, I don't know."