Shady or Nah? Eyeshadow Labels Women ‘Selfish’ & Men ‘Flawless’

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SAN FRANCISCO -- When it comes to makeup, finding that flawless foundation or perfect lip color can really make a girl feel good. but The Balm Cosmetics’ newest product might have some ladies feeling some type of way.

The cosmetic company is known for quirky labels like "Bahama Mama Bronzer" and "Read My Lips" glosses.

But are they being a bit shady when it comes to their latest eyeshadow collection?

Get this, they're selling "Nude Dude"  with drawings of half-naked men and "Nude Tude"  featuring half-naked women. Same design, same price, but if you look a little closer, it's clearly not the same message.

"Nude Dude" includes positive "F" words like "Fearless" and "Fabulous."

But, check out the words on the both naughty and nice female palette. C'mon, would you really want to wear shades like "Selfish" and "Snobby?"

Okay, throwing "Sexy" and "Sophisticated" into the mix might make up for the sexist shade, but did the makeup masterminds run out of female friendly words?

Hey, maybe this time the beauty of the product overshadows the shady labels.

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