Mesquite Apartment Tenants Steaming Over No A/C

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MESQUITE -- "This whole week we have had people outside just sitting around apartments hot," Marcus Kelly explained.

Kelly has been living with his diabetic mom for the last three months to care for her.  It hasn't been easy.

"My mom, she's sick. She can't take her insulin because it's too hot to take the insulin. When she takes it. It makes her vomit," Kelly said.

That's because they've been living without A/C  for almost a week.

"You see the A/C is all the way on 60. Why's it at 80?" Kelly asked showing NewsFix the thermometer.

The air conditioning was finally functioning Wednesday at 100% , according to employees in the leasing office at Hillcrest Apartments.  But it still isn't up to par for its tenants.

"Yes, the air is cool a little bit. But that's all it's doing.  It's not cooling anything down," Kelly explained.

"If I knew the front room was cooler, I would of stayed in the front room," said Regina Miller, who's live in the complex for four years. "The back room in my bedroom is burning up."

So, if you end up in this predicament, what should you do?

"You run the risk of dehydration. Drink plenty of water," Zac Thompson, Director of Dallas County Health and Human Services, said. "Anyone where their A/C unit isn't working should go to a cooling shelter. A mall. Certain cities have cooling centers set up. Salvation Army has cooling centers."

Especially for those like Marcus' mom.

"If you already have underlining medical conditions, the heat can compound that and possible death," Thompson said.

And don't think you're safe when the sun goes down.

"At night your body doesn't have a chance to cool off, so you're running a high risk of some type of heat-related illness," Thompson said.

Take care of yourselves, folks.

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